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GB-1298497-A: A temperature control system patent, GB-1298578-A: Carboxylic acid esters of 3-formyl-butanol-1 and process for the manufacture thereof patent, GB-129959-A: Improvements in and relating to Electric Heating Apparatus. patent, GB-1299823-A: Apparatus for providing an indication which represents the road-tyre adhesion of a vehicle patent, GB-1299991-A: Improvements relating to the processing of photographic materials patent, GB-130006-A: Improvements in or relating to Valve Gears. patent, GB-1300896-A: Contraceptive and device for its application patent, GB-1301334-A: patent, GB-1301739-A: patent, GB-1301748-A: patent, GB-1302238-A: patent, GB-1302697-A: patent, GB-130270-A: Improvements in and connected with the Lubrication of Sewing Machines. patent, GB-1302733-A: patent, GB-1302876-A: patent, GB-1302886-A: patent, GB-1303019-A: patent, GB-1303324-A: patent, GB-1303402-A: patent, GB-1304111-A: patent, GB-1304234-A: patent, GB-1304627-A: patent, GB-1305092-A: patent, GB-1305709-A: patent, GB-130610-A: patent, GB-1306227-A: patent, GB-1306486-A: Telescopic umrella frame patent, GB-1306585-A: Multiplate clutch assemblies patent, GB-1307359-A: Retreat face mining patent, GB-1307479-A: Safety mechanism for vehicle brake installations patent, GB-1307568-A: Electrical measuring instruments of the moving coil type patent, GB-1307775-A: High speed serial printers patent, GB-1307844-A: Methods of and machines for needling fabrics patent, GB-1308415-A: Improvements in or relating to silicon-planar transistors patent, GB-1308917-A: Azo dyestuffs containing indazolylazo radicals patent, GB-1309226-A: Low smoke generating synthetic resins patent, GB-1309242-A: Hydraulic braking systems for vehicles patent, GB-1310555-A: Constructional element patent, GB-1311063-A: Process for activating and or reactivating a reforming catalyst patent, GB-1311650-A: Fabric laying machine patent, GB-1311818-A: Process for the production of carbon fibre products patent, GB-1312149-A: Process for the manufacturing of hydrogen peroxide patent, GB-1313088-A: Vehicle transmission system patent, GB-1313839-A: Fluorided metal alumina catalysts and hydrocarbon conversion process employing the catalysts patent, GB-1314067-A: Fluid bearings patent, GB-1314072-A: Fluid system patent, GB-1314726-A: Modular furniture elements patent, GB-131504-A: patent, GB-1316469-A: Electrophotographic apparatus patent, GB-1317207-A: Printers patent, GB-1317360-A: Sales rack patent, GB-131825-A: Improvements in or relating to Dynamo Electric Machines and the like. patent, GB-131852-A: patent, GB-1319246-A: Azole complexes and their use in hydraulic fluids patent, GB-1319303-A: Sugar derivatives patent, GB-1319436-A: Simulator apparatus for electric pulse radiation and light propagation of nuclear weapon explosions patent, GB-1319560-A: Epitaxial composite and method of making patent, GB-1319744-A: Vehicle for transporting and dumping materials patent, GB-1321798-A: Electric signal synchronising apparatus patent, GB-1321819-A: Electro-mechanical control apparatus patent, GB-1322323-A: Separating means and method patent, GB-1322425-A: Line scanning arrangement patent, GB-132262-A: patent, GB-132266-A: patent, GB-1323432-A: Printers patent, GB-132369-A: patent, GB-1323841-A: Flagpoles patent, GB-1324455-A: Control equipment for an injection-moulding machine patent, GB-1324944-A: Planar type semiconductor devices patent, GB-1325626-A: Vacuum water closets patent, GB-1327429-A: Detoxification of nitrite-containing aqueous solutions patent, GB-1327914-A: Trisazo dyestuffs patent, GB-1329306-A: Refractory insulating bodies patent, GB-1330346-A: Manufacture of containers patent, GB-1330647-A: Multistage lift patent, GB-1330998-A: Screw driver shank patent, GB-1331645-A: Precision shearing process patent, GB-1331691-A: Laminated static charge suppressor buses patent, GB-1332170-A: Production of chlorine patent, GB-1332835-A: Coil strippers patent, GB-133351-A: Improvements in Machine Guns. patent, GB-1333545-A: Process for producing 2,2-anhydro-1-beta-d-arabinofuranosyl cytosine patent, GB-1334574-A: Electro-optical memory patent, GB-1335032-A: Web forming apparatus patent, GB-1335048-A: Split bolt electrical connector patent, GB-1335447-A: Superconductor and method of production thereof patent, GB-1335652-A: Electric switch patent, GB-1335877-A: High-frequency electri induction furnaces patent, GB-1335885-A: Transmission gear shifts patent, GB-1336521-A: Electrical discharge arrangements patent, GB-1337132-A: Fluid storage systems patent, GB-1338826-A: Apparatus for winding capacitors patent, GB-1339274-A: Cleaning composition patent, GB-1339389-A: Pyrimidin-6yl acethydroxamic acids their method of preparation and their therepeutic application patent, GB-1339631-A: Data processing arrangements patent, GB-1339685-A: Junction box arrangement patent, GB-1340179-A: Polymeric materials and dispersions containing them patent, GB-1340906-A: Elecgron probe microanalysis patent, GB-1341824-A: Composite structural members patent, GB-1343287-A: Heterocyclic polymers and their method of manufacture patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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